Which Items Should I Merchant?

...Runescape Merchanting suddenly just got a hell of a lot easier!

Q: So, what is the purpose of the "Merchanting Items" box?
A: There are so many items in Runescape's Grand Exchange, it's often impossible to know which items to merchant. In fact, this is one of the most common questions we're asked by GEUpdate members. In order to help answer this question which the answer seems to be constantly changing, we now display a short list of items currently being tracked by GEUpdate Premium members. The reason for this is simple: GEUpdate has one of the largest Runescape userbases in the world; the items they're interested often instantly reflect market trends, including price drops, new items, and items being flipped by clan chats.

Q: Why do certain items show up here and others not?
A: Items are derived from items that Premium users are currently tracking as part of GEUpdate's Custom Item Tracking feature. After that, an algorithm goes to work analyzing data points such as length since last reversal, percentage of movement, total price difference, and other such information in order to determine items at an interesting opportunity for short term merchanting or long-term investing.

Q: Why would I want my items to show up there?
A: Simple! We get a lot of emails from users who wish to see more of a community environment as part of GEUpdate. However, we feel that most users use GEUpdate for the exact opposite reason -- time sensitive, effective merchanting. Nevertheless, we are beginning to slowly transition to a more interactive website which allows merchants to be rewarded for their talent -- more details on how this will work to be released soon. It is possible to keep the items you're merchanting secret (see below) for those who do not see the benefit, but all indications seem to be that GEUpdate users are overwhelmingly in favor of this.

Q: How recent/relevant are the items? Should I buy or sell them NOW?
A: Although these items pull some data from TrendTracker, it is not a substitute for that site feature. Subsequently, there is a delay between when items reverse and when they can appear on the website. This delay does not apply to Premium users or to users currently tracking the item through either Custom Item Tracking or TrendTracker.

Q: There's a lot of stuff in this box...thing... What does it all mean?
A: It might seem a bit intimidating, but it's actually pretty simple! There are three key pieces of information listed for each item. First, directional arrows (Up trend and Down trend) indicate the trend taken by the item from valley to peak (Up trend) or peak to valley (Down trend) [For more on what this means, please see the TrendTracker FAQ]. Next, the item name which links to the Runescape Grand Exchange page showing more detailed information, including the item. Finally, the percentage change of the entire trade (NOT the change since the last update) is displayed. In other words, if you bought the item when the first notification was sent and sold at the next one (recently occurred if listed), you could have made that percentage return of your initial investment, in Runescape coins.

Q: Wait! I don't want my items there ... how do I keep them from showing up?
A: We understand that some users may not want their items displayed. As such, we've created a new option on the 'Custom Item Tracking' page. Simply select the 'Private' check box as shown below and your items will not appear in the list unless the same item is also being tracked by another user who wishes to have their item listed.

Need to keep your merchanting items a secret?
A snippet of the Custom Item Tracking page where you can opt to keep your merchanting items a secret if you so wish.

Q: Don't items in red (price drops) look bad? Why would those be listed?
A: Ordinarily yes, but items which have declined in value substantially may be subject to overselling. In other words, a price increase may soon follow, indicating that a buying opportunity may have arisen.

Q: Sweet! So I'm guaranteed to make money if I buy these items?
A: Not quite. The items listed here are not prescriptive (the approach adopted by many clan chats, often emphasizing that everyone should purchase one particular item). A variety of items has been selected by our servers, indicating they could be merchanted because they have either bottomed out (time to buy?) or peaked (time to sell?).

Q: How do I know when to sell the items?
A: Unfortunately, there is no way for us to tell you unless you are tracking the item as part of Custom Item Tracking. This is because GEUpdate users track hundreds of items. On any given day, we are only able to display a select few on our homepage. As such, there is no way to guarantee that an item featured recently will reappear as a sell indicator as our servers may decide that other items are more lucrative at the moment, or it could barely miss placement which would cause it to fall on the homepage. Regardless, reversal notifications for every item are ALWAYS immediately sent to Premium users and this remains the best way to make sure you never miss the move!

Disclaimer: The algorithm powering this feature is still very much still being test driven and changes may be necessary in order to improve items displayed.
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