At we are constantly developing innovative products that are useful to merchants. At the forefront of this endeavor is trying to predict when the Grand Exchange will update. While accurate prediction is currently impossible, we have developed an algorithm from our propietary data to offer a more honed and narrow timeframe of when the Runescape Grand Exchange should update.

We now offer some predictions in the form of icons and text on the homepage.

Symbol Meanings:
= No update is expected to occur for (at least) the stated period of time.

Update will occur in the next ___ hours:
= >16
= >15.99 - 12
= >11.99 - 8
= >7.99 - 5
= >4.99 - 3
= >2.99 - 00

Please keep in mind these are only general likelihoods. Updates occassionally happen when the blue icon appears.

More comprehensive data is available to GEUpdate Premium users

These symbols are subject to change at any time.
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