Merchanting has always been the best part about Runescape for me. Its fun to do and easily the best profitable income in the game. To get the most out of merching using the GE I needed to play constantly waiting for the GE update to happen. This could mean I was staying up till early hours of the morning waiting for it :(.

I needed a solution so that I could make the most out of merching while making the most out of my day. I came across a site called which can text you when the ge update occurs. This was just what I was looking for! I was able to get on with real life issues while not being stuck in front of my computer all day long.

By using I was able to carry on my busy real life doings without worrying if the GE had updated already. As soon as I got a text I could log into runescape set some offers going and log off. Using this method I was able to merch on my noob and go from a few mil to 460m (currently) in just over 4 months! Im hoping to hit the 1b cash mark in a matter of months and it is all thanks to! :D
--Nick, United Kingdom
GEUpdate is without a doubt one of my favorite makes merchanting like taking candy from a baby, as ridiculous as that sounds; it's almost too easy! I now make it a point to tell everyone I know about GEUpdate. Thank you for having such an awesome premium service!!!
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