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Speculative Items

Speculative items are items that other merchants are interested in and are considering merchanting. The purpose of looking for such items is similar to the reason that many players merchant collectively as part of clan chats. The difference here, however, is that there is less emphasis on the pump-and-dump scheme. Instead you're looking for price variations and items that may cause other merchants to, by their own will, support your merchanting efforts. This added capital compounds your investment into the item and can return higher rates of profit in short amounts of time as the item's price is driven further upward. With the assistance of speculative items are easier than ever to find. There are two categories that merit examination:

Price Corrections:

This category of items relies on groupthink theory, which is perhaps best described through a short analogy:
Suppose you own Google stock. One day you are watching CNBC, Fox Business, or are perusing a finance website, and you find out Google stock is now down 50%. Immediately you begin to panic and think you need to sell in order to salvage what money you can. Ironically, many other investors will do this as well, causing the stock price to fall even further. What's the problem? Much of the downward price pressure was caused by panic not an intrinsic change in the stock's value (past the initial correction). After everyone goes to sleep and the stock market reopens the next morning, investors will realize that the market over-reacted, and Google's stock price will rebound.

But how does this apply to Runescape? Simple: when items experience market corrections (perhaps slowly or immediate), chances are the item has been oversold and is worth more than its selling for. So how do you make profit in this scenario? Buy items that have fallen dramatically in price and are now on the rebound. This rebound is where you can make easy GP hand-over-fist.

Where can you find such items? has a feature called TrendTracker that helps you find price correction items with ease. On the left navigation bar you will see a box titled 'Merchanting Items,' which looks like this:
List of Runescape Merchanting Items
A simulated list of runescape items that have recently reversed in price. For more information on what these numbers and indicators mean, please see the TrendTracker FAQ

This list is a brief sample of some of the items that GEUpdate has detected as reversing in price directionality. Analogously, GEUpdate saw that Google's stock price fell 50% and is now rising again. This small rise indicates that it may be a great time to buy! We display a short list of 3 Runescape items meeting this criterion on the sidebar for all GEUpdate users. This list is updated after every Grand Exchange update. Premium users have access to an unabridged version of this items list for tapping into even greater potential. (Please note, however, that reversals are not as frequent as run-of-the-mill price updates and the length of this list can be sporadic.)
As always:When working with price reversals, it is important to be attune to changes in directionality yourself (it may soon be time to sell). The most effective way to do this is by adding the item to your custom item tracking list and then enabling TrendTracker notifications (with either the 'Both' or 'Only Reversals' options). We'll send you a TXT/SMS or Email message as soon as the direction changes again.

Flipping Items:

Flipping items are similar to price correction items but with a subtle difference. Instead of looking for some economic indicator (price or an item reversing trend), you are just looking to find items that other merchants are looking at. Simple enough? Indeed! makes this process easier than ever by tapping into our user base, which comprises one of the largest communities of Runescape merchants on the internet, to make sharing and finding merchanting items easier.

Except where items have been hidden, though this may be an incentive to unhide them, all items that users are tracking are listed on our Merchanting Item Finder page (available to Premium users). While not all items are created equally or of the same merchanting quality, this feature offers an unprecedented look 'behind the curtain' so to speak to enable you to see what real merchants are merchanting in real time. These items can be filtered by price, last update, last trend reversal, or any number of metrics to help you find an item that fits your merchanting criteria.
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