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New Items

What you need to know: New game items are often fantastic merchanting items. You should always consider working with new runescape items.

If there is one thing that can be said about Runescape players it is that they love new items, both for the prestige and capabilities they afford. Such phenomena make new game items particularly ripe for merchanting. Of course this is a double-edged sword; unknowns make new items particiularly volatile because drop rates are uncertain and the premier grand exchange price may be disproportionate to an item's real value. All that said, more often than not the benefits are tremendous and as a result new items are frequently one of GEUpdate users' most tracked items. Consequently, our objective is to help you find these items as soon as possible so you have every advantage. offers a few merchanting tools to aid in your quest to find new merchanting items. A few of them are listed below:

NewsFlash is a first of its kind feature (available to all GEUpdate users) that will alert you instantly via SMS/TXT or email when Runescape news is posted on the website. Typically new items are accompanied by a press release describing the event (game update, new feature, or a new quest among other possibilities). You can be notified only when game updates occur by subscribing to the 'Game Updates' news category. These updates typically carry with them new game items. By finding about these updates quicker you are able to get in before the market move.

Runescape Item Digest is an exclusive feature available to GEUpdate Premium users. (The name is a play on the popular magazine, Reader's Digest, which offers information in a condensed format that tells you only what you want to know). We have programmed our spiders to constantly be on the prowl for new items as they are added to the grand exchange. As soon as we detect such items we compile a list that includes the the price and the item ID. Subscribers can select to receive this list right to their inbox; it is also posted on the website. This takes the guesswork out of the process even more by identifying only new items rather than the possibility that items might have been added as part of a game update. You can then immediately place buy orders in the grand exchange and sell later in the day when more players are online for a quick and easy profit. No reading of long-winded news posts necessary. Just the items you want when you need them most.
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