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Limit Yourself

What you need to know: Stick to one or two items. Don't try to be a jack of all trades.

It's often extremely tempting to see the upward spike an item and believe that you have found the answer to the timeless question: what should I be merchanting? Sadly, this is not the case. Exploits aside (to be discussed in depth later), a true merchant does not follow where the market has already gone - that's item chasing. Nor does a merchant follow the advice of a friend, colleague, or merchanting clan. All of these are known to behave like squirrels with attention deficit disorder: one day flipping magic logs, the next ashes (it's happened).

The problem is lack of specialization. It is highly improbable anyone could have their pulse on all of these markets and know for certain how prices were behaving - unless you play Runescape way too much. Instead, stick to what you know for a good period of time. Become accustomed to the item's nuances, how prices behave, and where things appear to be headed. For instance, prices tend to decrease overnight when not as many players are online, making it a great time to buy; conversely, prices increase during the day when there is more competition for the supply available. Know these ranges by sticking to one thing, it is a simple and easy way to make Runescape coins fast.

While we are normally opposed to the categorical approach to Runescape merchanting, this is one of the few occasions where potential markets are listed as examples in order to inspire you to think. In general, it is beneficial to find a more specific niche. For example, instead of merchanting 'herbs' stick to ranarr or torstol. It would be impossible to use cost averaging or stager purchases if you try and merchant all 15 herbs in Runescape at once.
Market | Niche
Herbs: Ranarr
Rares: Santa Hat
Potions: Super Sets (Attack/Defense/Strength)

The list goes on and on. Of course there are other considerations that influence which you choose, which is mostly dependent on the amount of capital you have (leveraging yourself); more on this later.
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