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Item Chasing

What you need to know: Don't get emotional and don't feel left out. If something doesn't seem right, it's not. Stay away.

Item chasing is one of the mistakes that most stock market investors and Runecape merchants alike make. Really, it seems rather counterintuitive, but it is incredibly hard to resist: you see an item increasing in price, you convince yourself it is going to increase more, you buy it at the highest possible price, and before you know it is not worth half what you paid for it. This is, of course, the classic pump-and-dump.

With a few exceptions (party hats and some other rates), chasing price increases in hopes of making a guaranteed profit is a really, really bad idea for a number of reasons. First, not only will item chasing decrease the potential profit as you'll likely have to pay an outrageous cost to obtain the item, but it will also increase the risk that an item will crash while you're holding onto it. In other words, the item you thought would be a quick money maker turned into an even quicker money loser.

Second, unless something has fundamentally changed about the item (via a game update or otherwise), you may have stumbled onto an item being 'pumped' (inflated) by a merchanting clan or savvy investor designed to draw in people's attention. The item really isn't worth any more today than it was yesterday. As anyone who has seen merchanting clan's handy-work prior to 2011 can attest, it never ends well. No, chances are unless you were an insider pumping up the item, you will not be able to beat the price crash, please don't try.

There really is no rush to flip a certain item. Inflation is rampant within Runescape, new coins are constantly being made (and lost, though at a slower rate). There will always be another item ripe for flipping, do not feel like this is your last chance. Stick it out. Merchanting is rationality, not emotion or greed. Find another item, this one's (legitimate) time will come, we promise.
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