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What to Merchant:
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Many runescape merchanting guides have been written over the last couple of years and an equal amount proclaim to posess the secrets to eternal life, fame, and prosperity. Despite a hefty price tag, the results of these runescape merchanting guides fall expectedly short. Each may explain what arbitrage (the technical name for merchanting) is, but the specifics are often outdated and unhelpful.

This runescape merchanting guide is different. We'll save you the hours of meaningless reading and tell you what they say: 'buy low, sell high.' According to them you should now be fully equipped to merchant and become fabulously rich. Ready, set, go!

Real Merchanting Guide Results...But you know there's more and indeed there is. This is's version of a totally free, up to date, and effective runescape merchanting guide. Not only does this guide build on over thousands of hours of game play experience, but it also incorporates the fundamental rules of free trade markets while complementing many of the merchanting tools available on this website. In essence you'll find out not only HOW to merchant, but also WHAT you should be merchanting now.

These are the two rules to that you need to know before we begin:
Rule #1: Don't lose GP.
Rule #2: Don't break Rule #1.

Seems simple enough? Yet, many merchants still wander astray; commit these rules to memory before you continue.
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