Bug Fix: Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements by: Admin
November 8, 2018
We've resolved an issue where some users, when logged into their account, would be inadvertently logged out whilst navigating the site. The issue was caused by some behind the scenes upgrades as we work to enable secure connections (SSL/TLS) by default. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience!
Bug Fix: Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements by: Admin
August 25, 2018
We've squashed a few bugs that appeared as a result of a recent server upgrade. All systems are once again fully operational. Thanks for your patience!
Other: Grand Exchange Delays by: Admin
May 29, 2013
We wanted to make everyone aware of the fact that the Runescape Grand Exchange is currently experiencing some technical delays that impact many GEUpdate services. We continue to monitor the situation and will update this page as soon as we know more and/or services are restored. News updates and PlayerWatch features are not impacted.

Thank you for your patience!
Update: All services have returned to normal status.
New Features: Improved Item Management & Complete Merchanting Item Lists! by: Admin
March 18, 2013
After much tweaking and tinkering, we are excited to announce the two (2) major changes to the GEUpdate website!
  1. The entire list of Runescape merchanting items is finally available under the Merchanting Item Finder tab on the navigation menu. This page previously showed a smattering of Trendtracker and non-Trend Tracker items. We found that the algorithm was not working fully as intended. You will notice that this page has two tabs. The first tab (Reversals) showes the improved, filtered merchanting list with the new algorithm. The second tab (All) features our entire database of Runescape merchanting items. These items come from items that GEUpdate members track as well as some curated items (by our Administrative team) and new game items as well. We hope you find these valuable!
  2. Because we have made finding new merchanting items even easier, we figured it was time that we improve the process of adding custom items. Premium users will now see a icon next to an item wherever it appears on the website (the Merchanting Item Finder lists, for example). Clicking that button will add the appropriate item to your custom items. We are working to make the removal process easy as well. We know you want to spend more time merchanting and less time configuring your account.
Bug Fix: ItemDigest Fix and New Scanning Servers by: Admin
March 5, 2013
This evening, after what seemed like weeks of delays, we brought online 5 additional GEUpdate scanning servers. This additional capacity will allow us to detect grand exchange updates and other important events more quickly and without delay. Rapid user growth since the new year has made these all the more important with new website features on the (near) horizon that will require even greater capacities.

Onto a matter of more immediate concern, however: we just patched a bug that was preventing our ItemDigest feature from functioning as intended. Staff continue to monitor this feature carefully, but it seems like the fix will hold. As our systems catch up some premium members may receive a single update informing them of new game items. Kindly disregard that message. We were unable to intercept them all. Everything should be back to normal from now on! Thank you for bearing with us as we strive to provide the highest quality of service possible.

Happy merchanting!
Other: Infrastructure Improvements and Bug Fixes by: Admin
January 27, 2013
Visitors this weekend may have noticed some odd error messages displaying from time to time. The culprit behind most of these should now be patched. There may however be some lag on the TrendTracker items that appear in the left navigation menu. We are currently ironing out some of the kinks. We anticipate the 0% price changes will disappear with the next grand exchange update as our pricing mechanism corrects this. TrendTracker email notifications, which are on a different system, are not impacted.

All of this stems from some (much needed) changes to our core infrastructure behind the scenes. Rapid growth in recent weeks has pushed some of our technology to its limits, rendering upgrades necessary. Efforts to this end will continue this week when we will deploy five more interfaces on our crawling systems, which will allow us to increase our capacity for some of the more intense features, such as custom item tracking. We will let you know when this is complete - though we do not anticipate any service interruptions! Thank you for all of your patience. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to let us know!
Bug Fix: Performance Improvements by: Admin
January 22, 2013
We are pleased to announce the completion of the latest in a series of marathon website optimizations. You should notice dramatically improved load times and website performance. We apologize for any inconvenience that you may have experienced earlier this evening as a result of certain pages not rendering properly. These were purely transitional and normal service has been restored.

We have been hard at work behind the scenes upgrading some critical and delicate infrastructure -- some of which dates back to 2008, eek! -- so that we may continue to enhance GEUpdate services. (More on that soon!) As always, please let us know if anything is not working as intended. We expect to finish this phase of development by this weekend, though in order to avoid disruptions all maintenance is performed off peak hours and outside of pending grand exchange updates.
Bug Fix: Login Error by: Admin
December 31, 2012
We hope everyone is having a safe and wonderful new years! Just a quick service note: we just patched an odd bug where some users were being unexpectedly logged-out from the website. This seems to have been caused by a recent upgrade to our PHP system. We do not anticipate any further problems, but as usual: if you see anything out of the ordinary or experience problems with your account please let us know. We want to be sure we can provide everyone with the best experience possible.
Bug Fix: ItemDigest by: Admin
December 24, 2012
Happy Holidays, everyone!
We have just completed some upgrades to our backend infrastructure in order to fix a few problems that prevented our ItemDigest feature from properly functioning. We anticipate making a few more changes over the coming days as well to improve other GEUpdate functions. Infrastructure upgrades such as this help to ensure that GEUpdate continues to run at peak performance. If you see anything out of the ordinary (bugs, etc) as a result, please let us know!
Other: Insights into the EoC by: Admin
December 19, 2012
Happy holidays!
This morning JAGeX posted some particular news that we think will have a tremendous impact on the Runescape economy. Perhaps most interestingly, JAGeX is now realizing the effects of inflation, market tampering, and player confidence. The first two are rampant while the latter is notably absent.
The path taken at this fork in the road will have tremendous consequences on how merchants are able to profit. We will keep this discussion (really) brief as this is only intended to be an alert :). In economics terms, JAGeX appears to be on the brink of a sort of de facto market stimulus. The first move will likely be the introduction of more high-level, rare armor and other goods that will take currency out of the market. This can be both good or bad depending on your position. Announcing such changes may improve market confidence, stalling downward pricing trends (meaning buy and or don't sell); conversely, depending on your item portfolio it may be a good time to sell. JAGeX has implicitly announced new armors and weapons that will surely devalue existing armors. As always, the best way to keep attune to such changes is to utilize the price tracking software on GEUpdate.com in combination with our ItemDigest and TrendTracker features.

This is undoubtedly a great - though perhaps nerve wrecking time - to be a merchant. We're glad you have chosen to join GEUpdate.com along your journey and we look forward to another year together!

Warmest wishes to you and yours.
The GEUpdate.com Team
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