Q: What is TrendTracker?
A: TrendTracker is an addition to our exclusive Custom Item Tracking feature that allows merchants to customize and select precisely which type of update notifications they receive.

Q: What does it do?
A: In general terms, TrendTracker allows merchants to be notified when the price trend of an item changes. For example, if an item was increasing in price but then began to drop, a TrendTracker notification would be triggered; this also applies in reverse (decreasing to increasing). Trendtracker allows for improved and quicker merchanting returns while also preventing potential losses. In sum, TrendTracker is prefect for all merchants and all merchanting syles. Example:
Runescape Saradomin God Sword
Recent graph of Saradomin Godsword -- The red arrows on this graphic (click to enlarge) indicate when a TrendTracker notification would be sent, bearing in mind that regular grand exchange update notifications are still sent at update as well if you so desire.

Q: How are TrendTracker notifications different from regular grand exchange update notifications?
A: The frequency of TrendTracker notifications is the primary difference. While normal grand exchange notifications are sent for any change in an item's price -- which tends to be every day -- TrendTracker updates tend to be less frequent as most items are not constantly volatile (the graph of such items would look like teeth, constantly going up and down).

Q: But is it useful for me?
A: TrendTracker is useful for most everybody.
For merchants: receiving up-to-date price data (the price of the item is included) and trend reverses allows you to stay on top of items not only while not playing, but also to keep attune to the market's pulse. Because Runescape's market model is very imperfect, many price changes are based on fear. A reverse in an item's price easily (and often does) trigger mass pandemonium, causing players to dump their items at unreasonable prices, causing the price to decline even further. During these periods it can be immensely profitable to buy more of an item. TrendTracker allows you to exploit these quickly and effectively.

For investors: TrendTracker allows you to 'set it and forget it.' TrendTracker notifies you when the market has reached a "top" so you can sell your item quickly and buy it back later at a cheaper price. Unlike manually watching prices, however, TrendTracker allows you to invest in items without even having to load Runescape.com. In other words, you can retire from the game and TrendTracker will guide you along and tell you if you need to login and sell/buy items. By using TrendTracker as a guide you can effectively and effortlessly make more money over the long-term by profiting on price increases and decreases. Until the price trend reverses, TrendTracker will leave you alone to live your life.

Q: Where are TrendTracker notifications sent?
A: They are sent to the same place you would receive normal update notifications. Both SMS/TXT and Email are supported. Please note, this also means that your account must be properly setup to receive notifications. You can ensure this is the case by double-checking the "Inventory / Status" page.

Q: Are there any requirements?
A: Unfortunately, due to the added strain this places on our feature, TrendTracker is only available to the most serious merchants that have opted for GEUpdate.com Premium membership.

Q: Will this eat up all of my update credits??
A: Nope! An update credit is only exhausted (used) once per item update. If a TrendTracker notification is triggered the alert will be sent separately from an update notification, but will not alter your credit count because it is based on the same price change. Think of it as being '1 credit per update per item.' If as part of the update you receive two notifications (a regular GEUpdate and also a TrendTracker alert) for an item, only one credit is expended. (You can, of course, always add more!). However, if you only receive TrendTracker notifications, a credit will be subtracted.

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