Below you will find a comprehensive guide to one of our exclusive, yet often confusing-to-setup features: SMS Notifications. In truth, it's a very simple process and takes only a minute or two. If you have any problems beyond the scope of this page, feel free to contact an admin.

1. Login

The first thing you should do is make sure that you are logged into your account so that you may modify your account settings. You cannot setup SMS notification during the registration process for validation purposes; it must be done after everything else is squared away. Once you have logged in, you should click on the "Account Information" link in the sidebar to be taken to the area where you edit your account details.

2. Modify Account Information

Near the bottom of the "Delivery Preferences" form, you will see a box that says "Method". By default, everyone is set to use email notification. However, if you select this box, you will see an option entitled "SMS/TXT". Select this and two new form fields will appear, "Provider" and "Number". Before you proceed, you should also enter your current account password in the "Password" box, as shown above. This box is always required to change any of your account information.

3. Select Provider

Click on the Provider drop-down menu, and you will see a list of providers that we support. Scroll down to find your country and select your provider (if it appears).
In the event that your provider is not on this list, we may be able to add it. You should contact an account administrator to see if it is possible. Some providers are not supported because they charge for this feature above and beyond the standard SMS fee (normally $0.10-0.15/message when not on an "Unlimited" plan). Some providers do require an additional step, more information can be found about them (O2, etc) on their websites.

4. Enter Phone Number

The next thing to do is enter your phone number. In most cases, we handle prefixes automatically, so they are not necessary. Additionally, country codes are not used by most providers (ATT/Verizon/etc) so if your phone number was (hypothetically) 1-415-000-000, you would omit the 1 and the dashes(-), and enter only 4150000000. If you have difficulty getting this feature to work, this is often where mistakes are most commonly made. You should only enter numbers.

5. Save Changes and Verify

If all went according to plan and you did not make any mistakes on the form, your information should be updated. However! In order for these changes to take effect, you will need to verify this new address. Head over to the "Verify" link on the sidebar and proceed to the next step.

6. Begin Verification

At this point, you will need to send a code to your phone to (1) prevent spamming someone unintentionally, and (2) ensure that everything is working properly. Click on "Send Code" and a small SMS txt message will be dispatched to your phone. In most cases, this will be received instantly. However, some carriers may have a delay of up to a minute (or more). If it does not arrive, you should return to either step 3, or contact an admin, as there may be another issue (potentially with the carrier).

7. Retrieve Code

When you get the text message, you should open it, and have it accessible near a computer. In this example on BlackBerry, the code shown is 4UFG8. This will not be your code, but yours will follow a similar format.

8. Enter the Code

Enter the code that you located on your mobile device (as seen above) into the second box and click the "Verify" button.

9. Check Result

If you receive a green status message, your new SMS Notification was properly configured and has been activated. When this step is completed, we automatically activate the service and add 5 anti-spam credits for you. You will need to add more later on (a guide for this can be found on this website). However, you should confirm that everything is in working order.

10. Double-Check

Return back to te Verify page, and the above text should be displayed. If it is not, something may have gone wrong or an error was encountered. In either event, you should diagnose the problem by either resending the code (after a 5 minute wait), or ensure that you entered the code correctly. If you need more detailed information about your account to double-triple-quadruple check that everything is good-to-go, click onto the "Account Status" page, and it will tell you about any potential problems that may need to be fixed.

11. Enjoy!

You should begin to receive SMS notifications immediately. When your credits reaches 0, you will need to add more.
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