PlayerWatch FAQ

Q: What is PlayerWatch?
A: PlayerWatch is an exclusive service that tracks the number of runescape players that are currently online and sends either a SMS/TXT or Email notification whenever the number of players online falls below a certain threshold. What this generally means is that the game (not the grand exchange, but the Runescape game) has been updated.

Q: Why do I care when Runescape updates though? I'm a merchant!
A: Ah! Great question. As any merchant will surely know, when the game updates all the random/timed events reset, creating tons of merchanting and skilling potential. We've used this tool while it was in development to make hundreds of thousands of runescape GP each and every update almost effortlessly.

Q: Wait...which random/timed events are we talking about?
A: When the game is updated, the following reset outside of their normal times (please keep in mind this is NOT exhaustive.
  • Mining: all mining rocks (including Rune reset for all worlds). Hop fast and mine tons of ore without any competition.
  • Bot-less Gameplay: When the game has been reset, most bot programs have to be updated before they are able to work again. In the hours this can take, tasks where bots can be a nuisance are enjoyable and easier!
  • Evil Trees: You're allowed to cut down more trees than normal as the 2 in 24-hours clock resets.
  • New items: Game updates generally usher in a series of new, highly sought after items. Being one of the first to obtain them allows you to capitalize on the novelty factor of new items where players pay a higher price just to have it because the item is new.

Q: How do I activate PlayerWatch??
A: Activation takes only a click of a button. Head over to the PlayerWatch page and you'll see the following box:
Make sure the 'Activate' box is selected, and click 'Update' -- If all goes according to plan, your browser will tell you that you're good to go!

Q: Does PlayerWatch use credits?
A: Yes, PlayerWatch will use one credit per notification. Fortunately, premium members are allowed to specify any number of credits that they wish to have on their account, so plan accordingly!

Q: Where are the notifications sent?
A: SMS/TXT and Email notifications are sent based on your preferences for all website notifications. If you're sent Grand Exchange update notifications via SMS or Email, these will be be sent that way as well.

Q: How can I be sure that everything it setup properly?
A: We have modified the Account Inventory / Status page to tell you if there may be any delivery problems.

Q: ...So, how do I get it??
A: PlayerWatch is available to all Premium members by default.
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