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Q: What is ItemDigest?
A: Put simply, ItemDigest takes the guesswork out of determining when new items have been added to Runescape. Empirically, new game items tend to have an incredibly high profit margin as players scramble to get their hands on the latest and greatest items for both faster skill progression and also bragging rights. This feature makes it easier than ever to cash in.

Q: How does GEUpdate tell me when new items have been added?
A: As with all GEUpdate notification products, we inform you of these items via either SMS or TXT. You can modify your selection at any time.

Q: Where do these notifications go to?
A: They are sent to your default notification address on file. Email notifications contain all the information you need to merchant right away (item name, ID number, price, and picture); text messages are, however, limited by message length and will inform you that a new list of items is available on the GEUpdate website. Simply login and view them there.

Q: How to I use the feature?
A: You can activate ItemDigest by visiting the ItemDigest link in the navigation menu. Once there, you check (or uncheck) the box as shown below to reflect your choice. You can verify that your selection has been successfully processed by visiting the "Inventory / Status" page. If you are to receive updates there will be a green check mark next to the feature. Otherwise there will be a red "X" indicating that the feature has not been activated.

Q: Does this use my credits?
A: No, as of right now ItemDigest will not exhaust any update credits. While there are no plans to change this at the moment, if this does change in the future (to prevent spam) we will let you know well in advance.

Q: So I got the text message telling me that there are new items, where can I view this list of them?
A: We have consolidated all portions of the program onto a single page. You simply navigate to the same location as you would to activate/deactivate ItemDigest. The list of all new items (within the last 24 hours) is listed near the bottom of the page.

Q: If I opt for email notifications can I still view the list of items on the GEUpdate website? Or can I only select one?
A: Absolutely! You can view the website version at any time regardless of whether you are a SMS or email subscriber. In fact, you can see the website version of the new items list even when you have deactivated ItemDigest notifications.

Q: Are there any access restrictions?
A: Due to resource requirements ItemDigest is only available to GEUpdate premium users. To our free users we do offer the NewsFlash feature that can inform you of news updates. (These frequently indicate when items may have been added, but there is still some of the guesswork as not all news posts indicate new items; ItemDigest eliminates this guesswork.)

Q: ...One last thing: what's with the name?
A: Great question! It's a play on the popular magazine publication, "Reader's Digest," famous for providing information in a condensed, need-to-know format.

I Want It!

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