Q: How does the site work?

A: Once you create an account, your information is automatically entered into a database. Our servers then go to work crawling the Grand Exchange website. Once an update is detected, notifications are sent out based on your personal preferences on file, as long as you have notifications activated, your account verified, and at least 1 credit.

Q: How much does this site cost to use?

A: This site is free to use. If you elect to use SMS notification, you may be charged normal SMS/TXT message rates by your carrier, which is not a cost charged by us, but rather your elective use of a mobile service.

Q: How do I verify my account?

A: Accounts are verified by sending a small string of characters (i.e: XBHA) to the email address or SMS number on file. This number can only be sent once every five (5) minutes to prevent spam. Once you have verified your account, you are able to activate notifications. So long as you do not change your method of notification (email/SMS) or your address (email/phone number) when editing your account information, you will not need to reactivate. If a change is detected, you may need to repeat this process.

Q: What are credits, and how do I add them?

A: Credits were implemented as a security check to prevent spam. We are well aware that one is not always wanting to know when the GE is updating (say, vacations?), and by using credits, once they have all been used, notifications automatically disable themselves until you add more. Credits are free, and can be added on the 'Activate / Add Credits' page. For security reasons, you are only able to add 5 credits, and can only add more once your credit balance at 2 or lower.

Q: How do I turn notifications off?

A: To turn activations off, login to the 'Activate / Add Credits' page, and select the 'Deactivate' radio button (circle). Once you submit the page, your account will be deactivated until the next time you activate it. This setting will always supersede the amount of credits you have remaining, so if your account is verified, and you have credits remaining, but you are not receiving notifications, you will need to change this setting to 'Activate.'

Q: It says the email address I want to use is already in use...How?

A: To prevent spam, and for additional account security (and necessity), we check that email addresses and SMS addresses are not being used by someone else. If they are, it is possible that you have created an account in the past and forgot the login details, or someone else used your information. If you forgot your password, you may recover it on the 'Lost Password' page, alternatively you can contact an administrator with the details of your problem and we can mitigate it. (We're to help!).

Q: My Cell Phone provider is not on the list, is there any way to add it?

A: Due to technical limitations, we are only able to send notifications through SMS Gateways provided by carriers. We have added some of the most popular by default that will be sufficient for more people, but it still may be possible to add yours. Contact an administrator with your SMS Carrier, and we will see what we can do to assist. If it is able to be added, it will go onto the site for immediate use.

Q: I've selected a provider with a '!' next to it, it says it needs activation, what does this mean?

A: Because some mobile carriers make customers charge for SMS text messages, customers must activate the Email --> SMS gateway with their provider to protect themselves from spam. If you contact us, we may be able to provide you with information about this process (if known), alternatively, you may have to contact your provider and ask them how to activate it. Normally a Google search will easily provide the answer. However; if it does not - we would be glad to help.

Q: Have a question that's not on this list? Contact us! We'll be happy to answer it :).
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