GEUpdate was created in late 2008 at the request of a collegiate level Runescape player who didn't have much time to play the game, but desperately wanted to sell his Blue Party Hat. Knowing that the easiest -- and really only -- way to do this was to get it in the Runescape Grand Exchange once the price had been updated, a script was created that sent a text message to his phone when the Grand Exchange was updated. After a week or two of tweaks the program was fully functional and the blue party hat was sold.

After talking to some members of a clan and briefly discussing the project, a decision was made to try and adapt the script and scale it out so anyone could utilize its incredible merchanting power. This decision lead to a 6 month coding marathon and the ultimate birth of

Since then, and even four years later, it is truly possible to enjoy wealth in-game and enjoy the fruits of the everyday world. We foster this desire with near constant improvement in an effort to build the most comprehensive and useful runescape grand exchange merchanting tool ever created.

Once you sign up you'll wonder how you ever merchanted without it. So why wait?

Note regarding when this page was originally written: In late 2008 and early 2009 -- when this site was initially created -- party hats were priced (following the release of the RS Grand Exchange) way above market value. Because of this, it was impossible to sell them due to the newly imposed wealth transfer limits. This meant that party hats were in a price freefall and no one was buying them. Thus, it was important to be the first one to place sell offers in the runescapae grand exchange at the new price on the off-chance that if one was bought, it would not be yours. Since then inflation has hit Runescape, leading to a rapid uptick in party pat prices.

Nevertheless, knowing when the grand exchange updates has never been more important and useful. provides state of the art tools that make merchanting and buying rare items easier than ever and generally effortless.
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